The 2022 SMU David R Tillinghast Global Taxation Conference on Digital Taxation: Digital Economy Taxation in Asia was held virtually at the Singapore Management University Yong Pung How School of Law on 17-18 February 2022. Vincent was the Co-Chair of the Conference.

The conference was attended by 403 people from 39 different countries.

56 esteemed speakers, including the Singapore Commissioner for Inland Revenue (and other top level officials from Japan, Jamaica, China, Russia, India, the European Commission, and the United States), Mr Pascal Saint-Amans (and other top level officials from international bodies such as the World Bank, United Nations, International Fiscal Association, OECD, AMRO, and Asian Development Bank), Chief Justice Eugene Rossiter (and other tax judges), respected academics and industry practitioners.

Supported by the IFA, OECD, IRAS, World Bank, ASEAN+3 Macro-economic Research Office, International Chamber of Commerce, International Association of Tax Judges, Tax Executives Institute, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, Tax Academy, Tax Analysts, Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals, and Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research.