Tax Avoidance
Articles and publications relating to Tax Avoidance which I have worked on in recent years include:

  1. Tax Avoidance by Professionals: Where Are We With Wee Teng Yau?” (2021) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (Mar) 220-230
  2. The Anti-Avoidance Response to Professionals Incorporating Companies in Singapore” (2020) 26(2) Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin 1-9
  3. The Business Times, 16 December 2020, “Artificially Low Salaries and Tax Dodging” (With Liu Hern Kuan)
  4. The Business Times, 21 May 2020, “Genuine Incorporation or Tax Avoidance?” (With Liu Hern Kuan)
  5. The Business Times, 17 November 2018, “Shining a Light on Tax Avoidance” (With Liu Hern Kuan)